Bernie Scholl III Co-Founder

Jeanne Scholl Founder

Kathleen Weise Co-Founder

         Operation Santa Cause Inc was founded in 2013,

     by Jeanne Scholl, Kathleen Weise, and Bernie Scholl III


P.O. Box 65482 

Orange Park FL 32074




 Over 14 years ago the founders were hosting softball tournaments to raise funds to purchase toys for other local nonprofits. Before realizing what we were doing could be even more effective as a non-profit so it could benefit local businesses as well who want to give back in our community.

So, Operation Santa Cause Inc. came to life to provide toys for our local Florida National Guard and Gold Star Children.

             Florida National Guard families give to our community throughout the year, protecting us here in Florida and overseas, yet many of these families have experienced hardship through the difficult economy, recent Hurricanes and deployments. Seeing this need, Operation Santa Cause has directed their efforts to helping the Florida National Guard community. â€‹

             Operation Santa Cause helps an average of 300 children each year, including Gold Star Families and  deployed soldiers. We were able to assist  the families in need by searching for and fulfilling the toys on the kids wish lists.

             Gold Star families are children that have suffered the loss of a family member during to combat. These families are affected during the holiday emotionally and the support we give them helps bring a smile to their faces, even if just for a day!

            “We have raised more than $55,000 over the past few years, and though we are grateful, we are hopeful this year we can contribute to even more families throughout Northeast Florida National Guard and Gold Star Families.” said Jeanne Scholl, Founder/CEO of Operation Santa Cause, INC